Cyprus Museums Study


3ADAPT are part of a team led by All Things Studio who have been appointed by the European Commission and Cyprus’ Department of Antiquities, to work on the renovation of three museums in south-western Cyprus. Two of the museums are housed in Ancient Monuments and one is in a listed 1930’s building, the house of the late archaeologist George Mcfadden. They all contain extremely rich collections which reflect important periods and archaeological sites of ancient Cyprus. The numerous archaeological excavations conducted over the last decades on the island have enriched the museums' storerooms with numerous objects which should be exhibited. The project aims to develop Cyprus’ tourism offer through improving these three key cultural institutions, allowing them to showcase their exhibits in a more engaging manner.

3ADAPT are supporting the project to improve visitor comfort and the environments in which the exhibits are displayed. We are developing design strategies that will enhance of the quality of the visits, help to improve accessibility and the ongoing sustainability of the three museums. Once completed, the project will form a best practice model that will be considered for use on other museums throughout Cyprus.