Exemplar Sustainable Development ‘Esholt Positive Living’ Submitted for Planning

Exemplar Sustainable Development ‘Esholt Positive Living’ Submitted for Planning

We have been working with Keyland Developments, Yorkshire Water, Tate Harmer Architects, Barton Wilmore and the wider team to develop the Esholt Positive Living scheme in Yorkshire. This scheme will create fantastic spaces for people to live, work and play whilst achieving exceptionally high sustainability targets. We have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating on this aspirational project and eagerly look forward to continuing the creation a truly sustainable community.

Thank you Austen!

We would like to thank Austen for his input in helping to create and grow 3ADAPT over the last 18 months. We have always shared Austen’s passion for environmental design and this has been an important component in establishing 3ADAPT. Austen has decided to leave 3ADAPT to pursue other interests including an increased focus on building design and cultural sector work. We wish Austen all the best in his future career and believe that we will collaborate on future projects.

Anthony and Phil will continue to lead the practice supported by Jamie Rendell and wider associates. Collectively we will always aspire to give our clients the best advice possible on how to have a positive impact and deliver better places and spaces for people in ways that are environmentally responsible and restorative.

Anthony Davies to give keynote talk at BAX18, Copenhagen

Anthony Davies will speak at BAX18. The conference on Building, Living and Sustaining will be held in Copenhagen on the 1st March 2018. Anthony will join a range of expert speakers from different countries to share their work and thoughts. The by invitation only conference will be attended by 100 leading architects, thinkers, designers, and scientists from all the Nordic countries and the Baltic Area to share visions for great, green at sustainable solutions for living and working.


Anthony’s talk, Delivering Places and Spaces for People, that Stand the Test of Time will address how we can find solutions to some of the biggest challenges in today’s world which are social, not just physical or technological. Based on experience gained throughout his career as an international sustainability consultant he will explore how we can find solutions to these societal issues in designing the built environment to deliver the best outcomes for our future generations. During the talk, Anthony will share an approach which helps to deliver people centred sustainable developments from a building to city level, that touch the earth lightly and can adapt to suit changing human needs, lifestyles, uses and technological innovation. This approach employs a nested philosophy of positive change structured around the ‘five capitals model’ for sustainable development, to for example, move thinking from ‘minimising harm’ to ‘maximising wellness’. Anthony will illustrate through real world examples how we can use this approach to challenge and confirm the project brief and establish a holistic project sustainability strategy and framework as the foundation for decision making throughout the project lifecycle, from design development to operation, and deliver places and spaces for people that stand the test of time.

3ADAPT Supporting Healthy Housing International

Refugee Camp

Anthony Davies, Director of 3ADAPT, has been invited to be on the Healthy Housing International and Industrial Steering Committee. An EPSRC funded collaboration, led by the University of Bath and supported by a range of industry partners, the project has the long-term aim of improving living conditions in refugee camps. The project will explore this through the creation of low-cost, easy to construct housing that moderates extremes of temperature while providing space that enables dignified living and customary domestic and intra-community relations.

As part of the committee Anthony will provide assistance to the University in delivering the project as approved by the EPSRC. 

Through this collaboration, there is a huge opportunity to improve the quality of life for those in very difficult circumstances and I am looking forward to working with others to really make a difference to those people.
— Anthony Davies

We will provide updates on this project which promises to have a real positive impact on people that need it the most.

For more information, contact Anthony.


Launching 3ADAPT with a big THANK YOU.

Last week saw the start of 3ADAPT, our new company that Anthony, Austen and I have set up. This marks the end of a fantastic few years at BuroHappold for all of us. Thanks to everyone for making it special - a great place, with great people.

Projects that stand out include; helping the Natural History Museum develop their sustainability strategy and framework, working with the team to make Bristol Arena more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, helping guide the Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion towards its aspirational sustainability targets, collaborating with a global team on KACARE, a forward-thinking masterplan, which gave us the freedom to explore how to sustainably design a city from scratch and develop a blueprint for a new national sustainability rating system. I personally even got to work with government departments in the Middle East looking at how they could better allocate and spend their national infrastructure budgets to have a greater positive impact.

We worked with many of BuroHappold's leadership on various projects that I truly believe will push the industry forward. ‘Venue of Value’ which looked at the key ingredients that will be instrumental in defining the future of a successful cultural sector ecosystem. Energy Island explored future renewable energy scenarios to make Cornwall, one of the most deprived regions in Europe, energy independent and also redirect over a billion pounds annually back into the Cornish economy. We spent time, working with key influencers to understand how universities can help attract and nurture talent and how organisations can create ‘Winning Workplaces’ that drive productivity and success.

There were many fun collaborations.  The partnership with the UKGBC and other organisations to develop a framework to help design teams and organisations adapt their assets to improve people’s health, wellbeing and productivity. This involved a partnership with the University of Bath to research the application of this framework in our own office space. Being part of this cutting-edge work was a fascinating experience.

The teams we worked with are truly talented and inspired us every day with their curiosity and their desire to improve the world in which we live. Those times will stay with us for life and have helped us get to where we are today. Thanks for the opportunities, smiles and distractions.

Now it’s time for a new challenge and to pursue something our hearts have always wanted to do – set up our own company. I personally am excited to do this with, Anthony and Austen, two of the kindest and most supportive people I know. They also just so happen to be world class at what they do (I am smiling as I write this). We are looking forward to going on some great journeys with others who share a passion to make the world a better place through improving their projects, communities and organisations. If you share this passion, we would love to talk.