Creating a Great Visitor Destination

On Wednesday 12th September 3ADAPT in collaboration with ActiveThinking and the Roman Baths will host an evening seminar with speakers from a cross section of leading visitor attractions.

The seminar will explore the following question:

How do we balance the competing demands of providing the best possible visitor experience whilst at the same time protecting assets for future generations and making a commercial return?

As a consultancy who helps organisations improve their social, economic and environmental sustainability, this is something that we see as increasingly relevant to our clients and collaborators.

The evening will commence with short introductions by four leading speakers from the Roman Baths, Longleat, the National Trust and the Eden Project to share the approaches that they apply in their own nationally recognised institutions. We are delighted to be joined by:

  • Stephen Bird MBE: Head of Heritage Services at at Bath & North East Somerset Council

  • Jess McGurk: Head of Visitor Experience at the National Trust

  • James Bailey: Head of Marketing at Longleat

  • Caron Johnson: Sustainability Consultant, Eden Project

This will be followed with a chaired panel discussion with an audience who also grapple with this complex question on a day to day basis. The aim is to contribute, inform and ultimately move on this agenda, learning from what does (and doesn’t!) work.

We also delighted to support what will be a great project and therefore each attendee has kindly donated to the Archway Project; a project that is striving to deliver a range of experiential, economic and conservation outcomes for both those that live in and visit Bath. It promises to be a landmark attraction for Bath and visited by people from around the world.

If you would like to see the output to this event, please send us an email or follow on Twitter using the #EngagingExperiences. We will also share the outcomes of the event in a short blog so watch this space.

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