Anthony Davies to give keynote talk at BAX18, Copenhagen

Anthony Davies will speak at BAX18. The conference on Building, Living and Sustaining will be held in Copenhagen on the 1st March 2018. Anthony will join a range of expert speakers from different countries to share their work and thoughts. The by invitation only conference will be attended by 100 leading architects, thinkers, designers, and scientists from all the Nordic countries and the Baltic Area to share visions for great, green at sustainable solutions for living and working.


Anthony’s talk, Delivering Places and Spaces for People, that Stand the Test of Time will address how we can find solutions to some of the biggest challenges in today’s world which are social, not just physical or technological. Based on experience gained throughout his career as an international sustainability consultant he will explore how we can find solutions to these societal issues in designing the built environment to deliver the best outcomes for our future generations. During the talk, Anthony will share an approach which helps to deliver people centred sustainable developments from a building to city level, that touch the earth lightly and can adapt to suit changing human needs, lifestyles, uses and technological innovation. This approach employs a nested philosophy of positive change structured around the ‘five capitals model’ for sustainable development, to for example, move thinking from ‘minimising harm’ to ‘maximising wellness’. Anthony will illustrate through real world examples how we can use this approach to challenge and confirm the project brief and establish a holistic project sustainability strategy and framework as the foundation for decision making throughout the project lifecycle, from design development to operation, and deliver places and spaces for people that stand the test of time.