‘Esholt Positive Living’ Masterplan

We have been working with Keyland Developments, Yorkshire Water, Tate Harmer Architects, Barton Wilmore and the wider team to develop the Esholt Positive Living scheme in Yorkshire.

The Esholt Waste Water Treatment Works site sits close to both Leeds and Bradford and as a result of advances in technology, the operational footprint of the site has reduced significantly over recent years, leaving large areas of formerly operational land redundant and unused.

“It has been an inspiring and satisfying journey to collectively create the overarching vision for Esholt Positive Living; to be a beacon of positive living and a model for responsible development in Yorkshire and the UK.”

Anthony Davies – Director, 3ADAPT

The future site development comprises of the three broad categories; innovative employment, sustainable housing and community enhancements, devised based on the economic and social needs of the locality.

The innovative employment element of the masterplan details the creation of 100,000m2 of quality, sustainable work spaces to accommodate a mix of industry, with a particular focus on bio-tech businesses and other industries that can make the most of heat, power and water generated by the treatment works to maximise sustainability.

The housing element of the masterplan has been led by the drive to create an exemplar residential development which will be one of the most sustainable in the UK. The masterplan outlines 150 homes, covering a wide spectrum from 1-bedroom maisonettes to 5 bedroom detached houses to allow for a diverse community.

During our involvement we established the sustainability framework to translate this vision into key themes using the ‘six capitals’ model along with aims, key performance indicators (KPIs) and aspirational targets. This aligns with the Kelda Group’s overarching ‘Total Impact’ Philosophy.

Approach to sustainability

Approach to sustainability

We have also supported extensive public consultation on the future of the site to ensure the views of local people have been taken into account alongside the vision to create a masterplan for an exceptional and nationally recognised development, which will repurpose the largely brownfield site to deliver a host of economic, social and environmental benefits through homes, employment and open space.

We have considered aspects such as water consumption, energy consumption, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, waste management and material use, embodied impact, biodiversity, learning, health and wellbeing, asset resilience, transport and mobility, social value and long-term value.

Summary of Esholt Positive Living Sustainability Features

Summary of Esholt Positive Living Sustainability Features

‘We have always known that Esholt has the potential to be one of the most significant developments in the UK, so to be at the stage where we are submitting our plans for this innovative sustainable development is incredibly exciting.

We have worked extremely hard with our valued project team over the last few months, undertaking extensive public consultations and stakeholder engagement to ensure that the plans will enable Esholt to reach its potential and deliver far-reaching social, environmental and economic benefits.

This development demonstrates how sustainability can drive design and we are looking forward to being able to deliver this ambitious project.’

Luke Axe - Planning Manager, Keyland Developments

This scheme will create fantastic spaces for people to live, work and play whilst achieving exceptionally high sustainability targets. We have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating on this aspirational project and eagerly look forward to continuing the creation a truly sustainable community.


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